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All things about establishing distinct brands with strong visual expression, to convey personality and values while creating lasting connections with audiences.


As an in-house designer supporting multi-regions under the global marketing team, my designs evolve around creating impactful branded collaterals that communicate and establish recognition among co-workers and business partners, transforming the brand identity for the better.

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With a brand refresh rolled out in late 2021 after a merger with ForwardPMX under the Stagwell Brand Performance Network, there is a notable need for a revamp in all the branded materials to align with the agency's new brand identity and establish recognition among customers to resonate with a global audience.


Working closely with the global marketing team, I have conducted in-depth conversations with regional directors to understand the mission and goals, market positioning, and the desired perception the team aimed to achieve through the rebranding. After performing extensive market research, I have created cohesive and impactful marketing collaterals and digital assets that convey the refreshed brand message with the use of the new brand identity. By taking directions to extend the applications of the brand's visual elements, I have successfully integrated design strategies into overall campaign efforts and established powerful visual concepts, conceptualizing marketing plans and pushing the limit for the brand's new height.

In light of the company's ambitions in talent acquisition, our team has carried out a recruitment campaign which highlights the culture of our workplace, promoting our outstanding employee experience with a target to increase the reach of potential candidates who would be a good cultural fit in our organization.

My proposal to feature a video interviewing three of our digital marketing interns has been a great addition to the success of the campaign. As the producer of the video, I have taken part in all the stages of the production, including pre-production preparation, scheduling, shooting, editing, and audio mixing. The team was delighted about the final deliverable which effectively showcased a dynamic and energetic culture in our workplace. The video was posted as a spotlighted section on the company's LinkedIn Life page, driving brand engagement and helping the company to stand out among candidates.

In collaboration with the people team, I have helped with bringing out various brand merchandise products for a series of events, celebrations, and career fairs, as well as for internal distribution among our colleagues of the APAC region.

Throughout the project, I had the opportunity to manage the end-to-end process of production, from conducting user and product research to consolidating design ideas, handling the project timeline, liaising with vendors, and preparing print-ready files. It was a valuable learning experience with a satisfying result that came with positive feedback from the team and my fellow co-workers.


The design work I have created during my tenure at Assembly has undoubtedly contributed to the great success of the rebrand. With significant enhancements in the brand aesthetics across various aspects of the business, my design solutions have made a massive impact on creating a professional corporate image that reflected its updated values, driving the increase of brand visibility and differentiation in the market, and establishing a solid foundation for future brand development.


Schoolwide is an education partner specialized in literacy curriculum and teacher professional development in the US. With the recent product launches, I have been working closely the marketing team to elevate the brand identity and deliver visually appealing materials for B2B sales, e-commerce and company socials.

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